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The easiest way to publish audio on the world's most popular video platforms

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Convert Audio into Video

Social platforms only allow video. We make it easy to convert your audio files into video for these platforms.

Add audio to an image

Create a video that show a single image while playing your audio

Create a 2-minute sample video

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Add audio to a video

Replace the audio in a video

Create a 2-minute sample video

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Video is better than audio

At least for getting exposure! Far more people spend time on YouTube or Facebook than on iTunes or Spotify. Plus it's a lot easier for people to find you on video platforms.

  1. Much larger audience
  2. Social sharing capabilities
  3. Grow and communicate with your followers
  4. No acting or filters required

Easy, Fast, and Secure

Upload your image and audio files, select the resolution and conversion method, and download your video.

Thank you! This service is a tremendous time saver!!

Barbara S.

great as always, Thanks for being there

Ashwin G.

Wow, vast improvement. Thank you so much. Saves ooodles of time.

Drew C.

Super super awesome! Thanks

Jennifer A.

So simple to do, thanks so much!