We bring audio into the video world

Platforms like YouTube and Facebook make it possible to reach billions of people around the world with video, image, and text, but not audio. EZ-Converter solves this problem by converting your audio into a popular form of video that shows a single image.

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Our Mission

Our mission is help audio professionals become more successful by providing effective tools to manage and promote their work.

Who we serve

We serve musicians, students, podcasters, coaches, places of worship, government agencies, and many other individuals and businesses who need a fast and reliable way to post their audio on YouTube, Facebook, blogs, and other video platforms.

  • We have been in business since 2015
  • We convert over 500 hours of audio into video every day
  • We have served over a million people from around the world

Mr EZ-Converter

I'm Nathan Townsend, owner of EZ-Converter.com. I've been building web applications since the early 2000's, and have always had a strong interest in photography, music, and software development. I work with a small team to operate and improve the EZ-Converter platform.

Nathan Townsend

Nathan Townsend